Art in the Landscape of Beira Baixa:


Experiment Land Stage aims to join students, architects, citizens, technicians, entrepreneurs, and politicians to create and test new solutions to use natural resources to build and design better objects and spaces for living, increasing the quality of life of Portuguese and Norwegian communities. The cooperation actions between partners Rintala Eggertsson Architects  from Norway and MAG – Marques de Aguiar Arquitectura e Urbanismo and Camilo Rebelo Associados from Portugal will spread the use of cork and wood, natural resources from each country, and will boost reaching sustainable solutions for the climate change challenges

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Experimenta Paisagem Art Routes
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Transformação do Território #1

Themes: Territory Transformation Processes

Invited Architects: André Correia Fernandes, Carlos Antunes, Carlos Figueiredo, Filipa Roseta, Manuel Correia Fernandes, Marta Aguiar, Nuno Grande, Paula Santos e Sérgio Antunes

Criação Contemporânea e Território #2

Theme: Contemporary Creation and Territory

Invited Artists: Carlos Farinha, Duarte Belo, Marco Figueiredo, Helena Fernandes, Senza, Sofia Marques de Aguiar, Tiago Pereira, Yola Vale     



Invited Artists: Carlos Farinha . Duarte Belo . Helena Fernandes . Marco Figueiredo . Senza . Tiago Pereira . Yola Vale

The Cortiçada Exhibit is showcased as a mediation of contemporaneous artistic creation structured into the manifesto for landscape change of Pinhal Interior, the Cortiçada Art Fest Project.

It’s in this curatorial framework that the collective challenges 7 artists to make a digital presentation of an artwork focused on a reflexion of the landscape of the Portuguese hinterland and its transformation. The museum side, the digital exhibition and the creation itself all focus on the context of digital transformation – from the creative process to its mediation.

The Cortiçada Exhibit will be the manifesto for landscape change from the point of view – experiences, reflexion – of each invited artist. Artists who know, experience and reflect on, in various ways, this territory, its landscapes and peoples, depopulation and abandonment, bushfires, memories and desires of those who live here.


Experimenta Paisagem with:

Apresentação dos projectos de Arte na Paiasagem e de desenvolvimento Territorial da equipa MAG . Marques de Aguiar, Arquitectura e Urbanismo