Art in Landscape of Beira Baixa:

Water Lines Art Landscape Route (2020-2021)

work in progress

Menina dos Medos

Sobral Fernando, Proença-a-Nova

Between the hillside of the village of Sobral Fernando and Portas de Almourão, the geography and geology of the banks of the Ocreza River register ancient actions made by nature and human communities.

in some way, Menina dos Medos seeks the re-appropriation of this place by its inhabitants and by those who explore the region, by the perception of the existence of delicacy in an apparent disorderly reality, of a human scale when before an excess of geological memories.

Magma Cellar

Cunqueiros, Proença-a-Nova

Cunqueiros is a village nestled next to the river, with a relief of difficult and systematic use, where houses are built with the schist extracted from the cliffs and where the river has been a means of transport and energy production. Cunqueiros also symbolises the unifying pole of attraction for fellow villagers who seek a return to their origins.

In the end, the pyro-expanded slate and the lava appearance of Magma Cellar, may evoke an encounter with the primordiality emanating from the place.

Inspiring Places

Castelo Branco




Vila Velha de Ródão

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