Magma Cellar



The village of Cunqueiros represents some of the dimensions of the landscape of the municipality of Proença-a-Nova. A village next to the creek, on a slope that is hard to use, with houses built out of the local shale. This creek has been used for transport and production.

However, Cunqueiros also represents what the hinterland’s values are. During the week it is almost deserted, it’s “migrants” make it grow and come to life during the weekend. It is a meeting point, the unifying element of its people, who look for a way back to their roots.

The Magma Cellar artwork’s point of departure is the village of Cunqueiros as the place you go back to when going back to the most important things, to the beginning. This approach is a reflexion of the life of the village, but mostly of the dreams and aspirations of those who both permanently or sporadically live there.

In time, maybe through pyro-expanded shale and its lava-like appearance, maybe Magma Cellar will evoke the encounter with something primeval.

Artwork Name
Magma Cellar

MAG, Marta Aguiar e Mariana Costa
e Sofia Marques de Aguiar

Production and assembly:
ELV - Empresa de Lousas de Valongo 
José Fraga - ceramista
JMC - Serralharia

Structure project:
Eng. Vaz Tomé

enamelled stainless steel, pyro-expanded shale

Cunqueiros, Proença-a-Nova

An artwork of the municipality of Proença-a-Nova sponsored by the

Projects of territorial transformation by MAG – Marques de Aguiar