In Experimenta Paisagem Museum, the rooms are places,
and the walls are the green of nature.

See below all our suggestions for visiting the museum.




EPM is always open, and its itineraries and routes are being constructed in collaboration with local residents and people who know the region well, as well as through sharing tours and discoveries with visitors!

Stay tuned to our website and our  social networks, for we keep adding surprises and challenges to our visit suggestions.

How to arrive

Experimenta Paisagem Museum is located in the Interior Center of Portugal, between the municipalities of Idanha-a-Nova, Oleiros, Pedrógão Grande, Proença-a-Nova, and Sertã, as well as Castelo Branco and Mação.

Open the map with the current artworks and cultural trails

What to do

How to visit 5 works of art and a cultural trail in 1, 2, or 3 days?

Our team has prepared some route suggestions so that everyone can experience this open-air museum in the centre of Portugal!


Castelo Branco
- April 16, 2024 - third Tuesday after Easter - Municipal Holiday of Our Lady of Mércoles

- April 16, 2024 - third Tuesday after Easter - Feast of Our Lady of Almortão
- 11th and 12th days after Easter - Bodo (Monfortinho)
- Boom
- Save the Earth

- April 1, 2024 - Easter Monday

- August 12, 2024 - Feast of Saint Margaret, Monday after the second Sunday of August
- Pine Forest Festival

Pedrógão Grande
- July 24 - Municipal Holiday
- Miscellanea Festival
- PED'Arte

- Stuffed Pork Festival

- June 13 - Saint Anthony's Day
- Cherry and Lemon Festival (Montes da Senhora)
- Sobral Fernando Festival - first weekend of August (Sobral Fernando)

- First weekend of August - Our Lady of Lapa Festival (Cunqueiros)

- June 24 - Municipal Holiday - Birth of Saint Nuno de Santa Maria, patron saint of the municipality's parish
- Maranho Festival 
- Reading Marathon

Useful information

To positively contribute to landscape preservation and fully enjoy the walks, we recommend:

  • Always bring water and comfortable footwear.
  • Wear a hat and sunscreen in the summer.
  • Bring rain protection and appropriate footwear in the winter.
  • Carry a mobile phone with a charged battery.
  • Bring a piece of fruit/energy bars.
  • Do not litter in these places.
  • Do not start fires.
  • Do not touch the artworks (except for the Magma Cellar of Cunqueiros).
  • Inform authorities if you see a fire or any suspicious activity.