Cunqueiros Brand Image



Shale, the meeting point, the creek, the wine cellars and fun are some of the values represented by this artwork and also in the brand image #texturasdoxisto.

An image that responds to the village’s strong identity, which can be used by the people of Cunqueiros in their activities: from selling olive oil, honey and spirits from local producers, to publicising the parties planned for the village or even cooking the food served to visitors in their tours of the wine cellars.

A challenge that began at the #texturasdoxisto workshop, organised by the  Cunqueiros Recreational and Cultural Association, developed by MAG - Marques de Aguiar and ended with a public vote, on social media to select a colour logo. 

Apresentação dos projectos de Arte na Paiasagem e de desenvolvimento Territorial da equipa MAG . Marques de Aguiar, Arquitectura e Urbanismo