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Projects of territorial transformation by MAG – Marques de Aguiar

From 2019 to 2021 Experience Landscape project promotes the transformation of a landscape burned by cyclical fires into a landscape of enjoyment through the sharing, communication, and representation of its cultural and natural values. The simultaneous valorisation of material and immaterial heritage is embodied in the creation of two Art Routes in the Landscape, Cortiçada and Linhas de Água, as a manifesto for change of the landscape of the Pinhal Interior in Portugal. The 5 contemporary artworks signalize and value the geographic and cultural heritage of places in the landscape through free and democratic access to the experience of living cultural landscapes intensified through these artworks.

The involvement of people and places, from the creation to the delivery of the artworks, is a tool for long-term economic, community and territorial development. Promoting the reunion of communities with their territories opens new perspectives for population settlement and development of heritage values.

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