Landscape Together

a project of cooperation between European partners - financed by Creative Europe
Landscape Together (LT) aims to give innovative answers to the urgent question, how can Art and Culture lead to sustainable solutions against depopulation and climate change issues? 
Through Creative Thinking and Laboratorial Actions developed in cooperation with strategic partners from Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, and Spain this project implements a community method through art and landscape that aims to create a pioneer case study of the European Green Deal challenges and disseminate the New European Bauhaus movement. 
LT boost cooperation and mobility between more than 90 artists and theirs works within an engaged relation with communities and transform this experience in a replicable model. The LT Model is a tool to improve the quality of life in depopulated regions struggling to regain a sense of belonging and meaning to one’s place, landscape, and heritage, increasingly attained by consequences of climate change. 
LT is an evidence-based method with 16 interdisciplinary events, more than 70 workshops, 8 cultural tours, 18 artistic residencies, 2 permanent artworks, 4 training camps, 20 Talks, 8 exhibitions in 6 countries, and 1 Toolkit. In-between experimentation and reflection partners will craft together with citizens and communities’ new solutions for better living places, results about sustainable environment and construction, and contemporary creations that integrate material and immaterial heritage. 
This strategy of transformation is anchored in a wide network of participants, capacitating more than 500 students, and reaching more than 8.000 visitors at the final exhibitions. 
What are the questions raised by at-risk communities with artists and creatives that lead to sustainable solutions? At the end of the project, LT Model will lead sustainable strategies, a tested methodology and a panoply of innovative solutions to inspire and capacitate other stakeholders to help at-risk communities around the world through art and culture.

next events:

from the 2nd of june to the 4th of june of 2023


LT Launch


from the 4th to the 9th of oct de 2023


LT Summer School

from the 27th of apr to the 1st of may of 2024


LT Educate + Tour Cultural

from the 12th to the 16th of june of 2024


LT Lab Education

LT Launch - Creative Talks #1 - June the 3rd

The first Landscape Together Creative Talk, held at one of the locations of Museu Exprimenta Paisagem, will  bring together some key guests to debate public art appropriation practices.

Amongst other guests, the presence of Debbie Hillyerd (Senior Director of the Education Programmes of Hauser&Wirth Galery) and Laura Castro (Regional Director of North Culture and observer of the Cortiçada Art Fest project, 2020) are confirmed. These talks play a key rola in the discussion and evaluation of LT LAB, bringing together curators, investigators and relevant cultural entities to the debate, allowing a wider look into the actions at the pilot territory, from contemporary practices experimented in other parts of the world.

The first talk will be held at Cunqueiros in Proença-a-Nova,next to the Magma Cellar work, in a hybrid format. The participation  is free - to attend presentially it is obligatory to make a previous registration. The link for the live visualisation of the Creative Talk will be shared here. *



*the form to the presential attendance and the link for the live video will soon be available.

LT press conference

The first press conference of Landscape Together, promoted by MAG with the support of the Directora Regional da Cultura do Centro, Dr. Suzana Menezes, followed up by a work session with the partners of the pilot territory, was held on the February the 7th in the Santa-Clara-a-Velha Monastery in Coimbra.

Read the press release

Apresentação dos projectos de Arte na Paiasagem e de desenvolvimento Territorial da equipa MAG . Marques de Aguiar, Arquitectura e Urbanismo